Test Knitter?

I'm looking for someone to test knit a new shawl pattern. You need to be an advanced lace knitter (I will ask to see photos of your work.) and be willing to have the sample done in a maximum of 4 months. I will provide yarn for the project in the form of 5 skeins of Knitpicks Gloss, Shadow or Alpaca Cloud lace yarns in the color of your choice and a $35 shopping spree at Knitpicks (so it all ships in one box with free shipping) as compensation. Here are some in progress photos of the shawl that I knit as I designed the pattern. This is fundamentally what your finished shawl will look like BUT the panel of roses and anchors will be inverted, so that the anchors are actually right side up.

This shows all segments of the shawl.

This is a detail of the corners.


  1. What's the yardage of the shawl? The needle size?

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