March for Babies

This post is going to stay at the top of the blog for awhile.

I am thiiiiiis close to finishing the Spring Shawl Surprice lace project that I've been working on for months. My shawl is 100% merino wool with some clear glass seed beads in it. The color is "Hollyhock", an intense, deep pink that reminds me more of azaleas. I will post pictures of it as soon as it is finished. After reading Lul's explanation of the shawl design, I decided that I needed to use this shawl to benefit a charity. As some of you may know, March of Dimes is my charity of choice. This year, I'm partnering with Billie over at Micro Preemie Twins to raise money for March of Dimes.

Everyone who donates money to Billie & Holland & Eden's team in Walk for Babies will get one chance to win the completed Spring Shawl Surprice. This is retroactive to everyone who's donated prior to this post, too - you even follow the same rules. Here's the rules:

1) Make a donation (click the banner at the top of this post). Not sure if you want to? Go here and watch Billie's montage and then tell me you don't want to make a donation. Even a dollar will help.

2) Send an e-mail to dzaackML7820 at gmail.com (with the obvious removal of spaces and conversion of symbols. Tell me your name, your blog address and your e-mail address.

3) Team Holland and Eden walk on April 26, 2008. On April 25th, I will draw one name at random as the winner of the shawl. I'll mail it to you by USPS Priority Mail.