Winter Cheer/Spring is Here SP questionnaire

I'm just posting this for posterity/interest/future reference.

Knittyboard user name: Megweaver

All about you and knitting:

1. What's your knitting skill level? (beginner/adv. beginner/intermediate, etc): Intermediate/Advanced

2. How long have you been knitting? 13 years off and on 7 years pretty steadily

3. What are your favorite fiber colors? Teal and blue

4. Are there any fiber colors that make you want to hurl? If so which? Barbie doll Pink. I can handle a very little bit of light pink and I love the darker Fuchsia type pinks but that bright, glaring, 8 year old girl, Barbie doll pink just makes me cringe.

5. What are your favorite fibers? I love them all in some format

6. Do you have any unwelcome fibers (stuff you just don't need more of or like?) Eyelash yarns

7. What is your Dream Yarn, the yarn you are desperate to get your hands on? Would love to try some Bamboo or Seasilk

8. Novelty yarns: super cool or blight on the earth? How about the stuff made with them? Ok for the occasional trim or accessory but mostly blight.

9. Talk about your needles! Do you prefer straight or circular needles (are there any sizes you really need)? How about DPNs? Bamboo? Birch? Ebony? Do tell! I work pretty much exclusively on circular needles. Looking for size 1, 4, 9 in at 29” lengths. I’d love to try some Knitpicks needles.

10. What is the next thing you want to learn (techniques etc)? How to do Intarsia properly

11. What item(s) do you knit the most? Shawls

12. What are your favorite items to knit? Lace shawls

13. What are you knitting right now? Socks (x 2 pairs); Nina Shawl; Diamond Pattern Shawl, Cozy, Besotted Scarf

Wants and Nots:

14. Do you have any food, fiber, smoke, pet allergies your SP should be aware of? Allergic to horses.

15. Do you smoke, have pets, or process peanuts where you store your yarn? Nope

16. Do you have an Amazon.com or knitpicks.com wishlist you'd like to share with your SP (please add URL if applicable)? Nope

17. Anything you've been longing for or would really love to get (knitting or not)? Marks & Spencer Extra Strong Black Tea.

18. What about stuff you don't need at all? Chocolate

19. What about knitting accessories? Row markers; textured/bent cable needles (I’m forever having the stupid things slide under the bus seat....)

20. Do you have hobbies other than knitting (tv, sports, collectibles, favorite things)? Sewing and medieval recreation/reenactment.

21. Are there any books you would like (knitting or not)? Best of Knitters Shawls and Scarves; Knitting on the Edge; Knitting over the Edge; Stitchionary (any)

22. Any magazines you would like (knitting or not)? I’d love to see an issue of Rowan

23. No matter where you live there's bound to be something you'd like that you can't get your hands on. What is it? Dietary Yeast (we used to eat it on popcorn when I was a wee sprout and now I won’t eat popcorn without it. I haven’t eaten popcorn in ten years...)

24. Who/What is your favorite...
a. Chocolate: Must involve dark chocolate and mint for me to even consider it.
b. Muppet: Animal!
c. Cartoon Character: The Roadrunner
d. Flower: Irises
e. Ice Cream flavor: Vanilla
f. Fragrance: Sweetgrass and Lilac
g. Shoes to wear: None! I’m a barefoot gal.
h. Animal: Birds
i. Beverage: Juice
j. Author: Mercedes Lackey
k. Musician: Boston Pops Orchestra
l. Holiday: Christmas
m. Time of Day: Morning
n. Country: I’d love to visit Wales
o. Number: Don’t have one
p. Card game: Don’t play
q. Candy: Skittles or Starburst

25. How did you learn to knit? Someone handed me a set of knitting needles and a 1960s “How to Knit” book as a way to get me to stop prattling.

26. What is your oldest UFO and how old is it? Surely there's a story behind it! Nina Shawl (4 months). I bought the yarn on vacation last summer at the Delaware Beaches. It’s been laid aside for a bit because it’s a very, very springy color grouping and I just can’t be in the mood to work on it when it’s too hot or too cold.

27. What is the most exciting thiing that happened to you this month, how about this year? Got a compliment from Dr. Cohen, my poetry professor. This year: I got engaged!

28. What is your favorite thing to do to waste time? Knit

29. The things that make me the happiest are: Flowering houseplants in my clean living room in the early morning while I sit in my comfy chair with a cup of tea and watch the sunrise.

30. Are you a Java Junkie? How about a Tea-totaler? Tea-totaler for years and years. Coffee is for when I need to be awake for at least the next 36 hours (and then I have a little paper in my wallet that I dig out and hand to the server.)

31. Your birthday, in case it falls during the swap and your SP wants to send you a card: August 26

32. Do you have a personal mantra? Put on your big kid underpants and keep going.

33. How do you feel about holidays? Will you be celebrating any during the SP round? Holidays are understated in this household. I’ll be celebrating Advent & Christmas this year. I avoid the New Year’s festivities however.

34. I would like my package to be: Winter Themed – winter is more “rain and slush season” here than the snow I grew up with and I miss that true winter. The kind where it snows in October and stays snowed until April.
a. Winter Themed
b. Spring Themed

35. What kind of music (and/or which artists) do you listen to when you are happy? Pretty much anything other than rap. Carbon Leaf; Altan; Shania Twain; JoDee Messina; Classical anything;

36. Rate yourself on a girly/fruh fruh factor from 1 - 10: 2

37. What is your family situation? Do you have any pets? I’m engaged but living by myself for a few more months. No critters per the request of my landlady.

38. What are a few of your life dreams? The pipe dream: Discover that I’m really royalty and can spend the rest of my life knitting and making appearances at openings of things. The maybe I can: Become a neonatologist. The next year: Survive my M.Litt and MFA degrees and have a beautiful wedding unhindered by drama from Her Most Important Magestic Self (Her MIMS for short) my Mother in Law.

39. What languages do you speak (besides English, Pig Latin counts)? Spanish, read some French, German and Portuguese.

40. Hey baby, what's your sign? How about the Chinese Zodiac? Do you read your horoscope or do you think it's all bunk? Virgo and don’t know about the rest of it. I don’t pay much attention but that’s because I’m lazy.

41. If you could live anywhere, where would that be? Ireland

42. If you could do anything for a living what would it be? Be a neonatologist

43. If you could have any "super power" which would it be? What would you use it for? Nerve Control to soothe upset, pained or angry people.

44. You're given $10,000 for traveling. Where do you go and why? The Greenbriar Resort in West Virginia for a week of lounging, spa treatment and pampering with my fiance.

45. How frequently would you like to hear from your SP, and what kind of contact would you prefer? At least weekly. It’s always fun to get stuff in the mail but I’m also happy with e-mail and PMs